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First I saw the musical "La Cage aux Folles", which was FABULOUS darling, FABULOUS. I was really super lucky because I'm a student, so I got my ticket for only £20 XD I got a cabaret seat! They had four little tables seating four RIGHT NEXT TO the stage, which was awesome because you got interaction 8D I shook Georges' hand at the beginning, and in several dance number, a queen would leap onto the table and shake her butt in your face XD One even kissed me! (On the forehead.) So I got two programs, and got one signed all over for Gerry, and had them write "To Sasha" since that's his queen name :D
AND THEN I took the Tube and went straight to the Haymarket Theatre Royal, and waited in line for any reserve tickets to see Waiting for Godot, featuring Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart! \o/ I was talking with the other people in line, mainly this aspiring actor a few years younger than me. Since we were first in line, we got the first two reserve tickets - which were AMAZING seats, who could ever give those up?! - so we went and got a small dinner together and talked and talked and talked and sat next to each other and all. I-it made me think uncomfortably of a date;;; sjkhfgj dnw BUT ANYWAY the play was excellent! and they were hysterical! as far as the play itself and not the performance, that's my idea of hell, man D: it was horrible. that kind of...sort of but not really repeating the same day and having everyone tell you different from what you remember and strange things going horribly wrong and I dunno jhlksjdfghld I would've liked to have gone to the stage door, but I had to run for the last train to Canterbury D:

So today I pay for the hotel, get a little more cash, find a way to get my ticket printed out, and be first in line at the Studio \o/ And home tomorrow, sob. I could live in England SO EASILY. I'm actually considering studying here. Not just for a semester, either... >_>

Pandora Hearts - I really like this show =∆= it continues to be painfully interesting. I feel a little stupid for not seeing that Raven was Gil from the outset, even though it was obvious and I had a hunch, but. I totally ship Raven and Oz, but not Gil and Oz. No idea why. Especially since age difference |D; ack.
Basquash - I STILL don't know why I'm still watching this XD; It's cliche and I don't care about anybody at the moment. I do think it's clever that they had the idols in the opening become characters.
East of Eden - now the plot thickens :D I'm a sad person who misses the TakiSaki fluff but =∆=
Natsu no Arashi - still funny D: I like it.
Shangri-La - it took a while, but it's finally getting interesting. Of course the trannie's my favorite character :P

So, I listened to this song from a Naruto fanmix, and it made me really nostalgic for the series :|
I mean, the problem is? I tried getting back into Naruto several times and failed. I don't like the time jump :| It doesn't have NEARLY the emotional impact that the first arc did. The first arc was amazing D: But this song, in relation to Team 7 in the fanmix, reminded me of that emotional impact and I miss it.
I decided the only way I would be satisfied with Naruto ending is a happy ending XD; I actually like tragic ending if it fits the story, but I think I'd be really sad if Naruto ended with less than 3 of Team 7 :\
I mean...yeah, Sasuke could die protecting Naruto and Sakura and redeem himself, but jkslhdfjg I don't think they'd ever recover. Sasuke and Naruto could die fighting each other, that'd be super depressing ._. and poor Sakura. And really...with the themes of the manga, the happy ending is the only one that fits anyway D:; Naruto can't die because it'd render the entire manga completely...'useless' isn't the word I'm looking for. UM. The entire story would still have a lot of meaning if Naruto died, but not the meaning it set out to give. Again, if Sasuke died, they other two wouldn't recover. And talk abotu a bleak, sad life...though it would be proving a point about how pointless revenge is and all, just jsklhdfjgsd it'd be so much better if Naruto DID finally knock "sense" into him and show him that the best revenge is to live well D:
sdfhlgskjd I dunno /rambling

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Dude, do it. If you want to study in England, go for it. I've got plans to do exactly that for my master's degree once I've finished with my bachelor's. The semester I spent in London was absolutely amazing, and I highly endorse living in the city. ♥

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Don't worry. Pain's demise is proof that there is no way the series WON'T end in sunshine and rainbows. Which... honestly disappoints me, as I was hoping for Naruto and Sasuke to die together, but it won't happen.

Haha but am I the only person who prefers the series post-timeskip? I mean I love the series as a whole but all of my favorite characters only appeared in or got the best development after timeskip...

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See, as far as Naruto goes, I'm the complete opposite - I thought it was better post-timeskip. Probably because they were just... older, and I find fifteen-sixteen year olds more interesting than twelve years olds (despite the fact that I'm, ah, currently writing about a twelve year old >_>).

But... I dunno, at the same time, I can see the appeal of pre-timeskip and post-timeskip. Pre-timeskip has some of the most emotionally impacting stuff; you're right about that.

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i am INSANELY JEALOUS that you got to see 'Waiting for Godot' i saw the posters for it around london and would have killed to get to see it @_@ not that i'd have had the time, and everyone said it was nearly impossible to get tickets. LUCCCCKKKYYYY <3
i would love to meet Patrick Stewart. if only for a minute.

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Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm jealous.

I could live in England SO EASILY. I'm actually considering studying here.
A friend of mine just finished her Bachelor's degree, and she's off in the fall to Cardiff University for her Master's. I'm insanely jealous... though I think I'd rather be closer to London. But still!

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I don't like the time jump :| It doesn't have NEARLY the emotional impact that the first arc did.

THISTHISTHISTHIS. I agree so hard. I love the pre-timeskip part so much more.

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My boyfriend happens to be from England and he hates it there. I think it's just the fact of usually wherever you've lived for a long time you seem to see the worst of, and everywhere new has a fuck load of new oppourtunities you would have never had anywhere back at home. You know what I mean?