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  • 03:09 Morning and canterbury both gorgeous. Wish i could live here #
  • 07:06 CRAP i have the wrong plug for laptop doesnt fit adapter #
  • 07:08 I think i may be the only person in all of england wearing crocs. Awkward #
  • 07:20 Cathedral as breathtaking as i remember. #
  • 08:08 Damn camera battery dead. Something else to buy #
  • 08:13 Oh my god theres a pink tv. I WANT IT #
  • 09:49 Should seek out apple store in london for plug #
  • 20:54 Knew nap was mistake but did it anyway #
  • 20:55 Im wide awake with nothing to do and nowhere to go #
  • 20:56 Why does everything in UK close so early!? And no 247 stores #
  • 21:04 Seven hours until anything opens and im STARVING #
  • 21:13 Watched Starship Troopers on BBC One. #
  • 21:14 Now a special on sleep. The irony doesnt escape me #
  • 21:16 Also reading Stephen Fry in America. Charming #
  • 21:17 Stephen almost completely pans NJ. i had to laugh cuz its true! #
  • 21:23 I have to admit most brit diet is still gross. Selections mostly unappetizing #
  • 21:24 If only i had a working plug for laptop!!! #
  • 21:25 Endless entertainment just out of reach. Frustrating #
  • 21:26 Oooh theory on beating jet lag. Taking notes #
  • 21:31 Starving self and eating accord. to mealtime in new timezone key. Sigh #
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