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skdjfhgslkjdf THIS TRIP HAS BEEN ABSOLUTE HELL. Gerry and Mom are of the opinion that I should just give it up as a bad job and come home, but I'm stubborn =∆= IT'S MY FIRST ENGLAND/OVERSEAS TRIP IN ALMOST TEN YEARS I WON'T BE BEATEN THAT EASILY >|
...besides, Orbitz will charge me $200-$300 to change my flight plans :\;;;

+ England is amazing.
+ England is gorgeous.
+ the people are fantastic.
+ the weather's been beautiful.
+ Canterbury Cathedral is beyond description.
+ Canterbury the town is fun and lively and old and wonderful and beautiful.
+ my hotel is so charming and OLD and has so much character and I have a perfect view of the Cathedral from my room.
+ I was complimented on my Doctor Who shirt.
+ Sydney is an amazing, amazing human being and roommate who's reliable and responsive and supportive and helpful.

- the three hour ordeal my first night with my debit card.
- $140 cab fare.
- $300 hotel rate in London.
- extremely heavy, old, flimsy, awkward luggage. painful and difficult to lug around.
- absolutely no way of going to the QI tapings/seeing Stephen Fry. heart = cruuushed.
- I got my period.
- on the same day I lost my debit card.
- and wasted three hours of my life on the phone with Bank of America trying to find a remedy.
- Bank of American can fucking kiss my ass.
- there's some animal I can't identify who makes an annoying noise CONSTANTLY outside my window. like a pigeon with a bass voice. I dunno.
- I brought too many clothes I probably won't need and not enough that fits and is simple and comfortable.
- and I brought all the England guide books because I was dumb and didn't downsize and just write the info I might need because I was dumb and procrastinated very badly.
- meaning I'm carrying way too much dead weight.
- and I still have stuff I've bought (souvenirs and etc) to account for.

I'm too lazy to explain the epic, epic fail that was most of today. In short, Bank of America has some pretty bullshit policies and I'm considering pulling out of there.

FUCK I HATE THIS CREATIVITY DRY SPELL IT'S KILLING ME jkldhfgkjsdf I have so much artwork just SITTING on my hard drive and I barely touch a couple of lines before closing the fucking file. sjdhflgksjdhfgksjdhfglskdjhfglskdjfghl /HATES
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Ahh, that sounds like... not much fun, to say the least. I hope your trip gets better.

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I say you don't give up.
From what you said, things can't go any worse, that they can only get better.

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Suggestion: Since you brought all those guide books with you don't take them all home. That way you will have more room for souvenirs in your suitcase/carry on.

Anyways I would say stick it out because it's not all the time you get to be in a foreign country (and you already spent the money). Besides despite there being setbacks it still sounds like you got to see some neat stuff and if you go back now there might be more neat things you will miss out on which would be a shame.
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- there's some animal I can't identify who makes an annoying noise CONSTANTLY outside my window. like a pigeon with a bass voice. I dunno.
At least it's not a seagull I hope? *Seagulls make an awful racket.*


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Just look at it this way-you haven't been kidnapped or murdered in your bed, so things can only look up, yes?

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You weren't booted, bb... you chose to AC out ;; and I wept. But we still need to get our epic night of nyc drinking on sometime, if you don't become too enamored of the British style ;)